Energy Rebates & Incentives

NEWS – New Budget highlights of special interest to window & door customers!  While more of an incentive than a rebate program, this federal program will assist homeowners serious about achieving the energy & comfort savings new windows & doors can achieve in their homes.  Click here for detailed info.

The current BC Hydro & Fortis BC  program for replacing windows has a number of terms & conditions that apply however, in short:  In order to qualify, homeowners must must choose a high efficiency window with a minimum 1.4 U-value to qualify.   Click here for current information on BC Window Rebates.

New construction builds may qualify under the Federal CMHC Green Home program.  Click here for complete information on Federal Government Window Rebates.

We believe windows & doors play a vital role in helping make your home more comfortable and efficient.   So we invite you to take advantage of our expertise in helping you save $$ for years to come with our technologically advanced high efficiency windows & doors and professional installation!

. . . and check our website and Facebook page regularly for news on tax incentives and grants as they becomes available.  [HINT:  “Like” us on Facebook and receive $25. off your next order! ]